Burger King: Whopper 3.0

The Challenge

Whilst Burger King is known for flame grilling, we wanted to build on that awareness by landing the important connection between flame grilling and the unique, smoky taste of the Whopper.

Whilst everyone else talks about fresh ingredients being the key to their flavour, we wanted to unapologetically shout about how flame grilling is not only our USP but is also the key to the Whopper’s signature, superior taste.

The Solution

Without fire there’s simply no Whopper, so in our idea, Whoppers to a flame, we wanted to show the Whopper’s true obsession with fire. To show the lengths the Whopper will go to to seek out fire, we took the burger out of the restaurant and set the action in yards, back gardens and even remote cabins.


A suite of films that show the Whopper patty being single-mindedly obsessed with fire, seeking it out wherever and whenever it appears, because that’s what makes the Whopper a Whopper.


Burger King



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