We are united by one shared purpose - to create a world where people are equipped and motivated to take control of their health. Publicis Groupe were pioneers in developing the first agency network to focus exclusively on the unique needs of healthcare marketing. Publicis Health is recognised as a premier global health network, offering capabilities across the entire health engagement value chain.

We believe healthcare marketing is healthcare

As healthcare marketers, what we do is different than other branding, communications, and marketing teams. Our work has the power to change lives and is an integrated part of healthcare transformation.

The work we create lives in the healthcare ecosystem of content and engagement. Often, it is the first engagement a person or healthcare professional will encounter, as they learn or make decisions about care. We know that healthy conversations lead to healthy behaviours, which lead to healthy people. Our role in encouraging or creating those conversations puts us at the centre of better outcomes. For that reason, we believe that healthcare marketing, simply put, is healthcare.

A global platform built for today’s health ecosystem

Our innovative capabilities, combined with the power of our teams, optimise every opportunity for better outcomes. We accelerate business growth by driving engagement across the entire health engagement value chain—helping clients deliver on the promise of their products and services.

We are content creators, experience makers, and storytellers who connect data, content, and creativity together to motivate and equip in unexpected ways. Data-fuelled, activation-ready insights are at the core of everything we do, and we use them to build ground-breaking experiences and solutions that directly improve outcomes. Our multi-disciplinary capabilities set us apart and make us the indispensable strategic and creative partner in support of our clients’ transformations.

What we do

Content marketing & creativity

Data-informed creativity bridges the gap between awareness and action by focusing on the specific behaviours that help people understand how to take positive action, for themselves, their patients and their loved ones.

Healthcare Professional of the future

What it means to be an HCP is fundamentally changing, and many factors are shaping who they are and how they engage with patients and pharmaceutical companies. We reach HCPs in both their “white coat” and their “blue jean” moments to ensure meaningful connections in both their professional and personal lives.

Partnership as a strategy

We find new paths to growth through innovative partnerships and co-designing new products and services. We have created agile innovation models to identify and optimise the right partnerships and accelerate ideas to revenue-generating products and services.

Next generation customer engagement

Advertising alone is no longer enough. Building personal relationships with your brand is the new currency. We create content and experiences that build actionable and measurable relationships with winning business results.

Clinical trial experience

We bring value to every aspect of the clinical trial experience: from mining for deep behavioural insights to aid trial design and planning; to co-designing outreach, screening, and assessment and patient experiences; to crafting category-leading creative communications based on trial-specific insights.

Influence that matters

In an era of echo chambers, dumbing down and polarisation, we bring thought provoking health stories to the world that build the reputations and influence of our clients.

Media everywhere

Harnessing the power of the modern media landscape, we drive personalised consumer and HCP engagement strategy at scale.

Behavioural science meets point of care

We are the only company in the world with direct access to the exam room. Through our Verilogue offering, we leverage actual doctor-patient conversations to gather behavioural science insights directly from the point of care.

Global to local

In a world that is globally connected yet thrives on personal and local experiences, we have operationalised new working models that harmonise to deliver both for local markets at global scale.

Product and Service Innovation

We apply research, ethnography, and rapid iterative design to newly discovered unmet needs, to develop meaningful experiences for patients and caregivers. We envisage new models of care by considering healthcare economic models alongside appropriate use of available data, and many other aspects of contemporary technology, to deliver novel products and services that gain system-wide adoption.

Business transformation

Under Business Transformation, can we tweak with the following:
We understand the global shifts and trends shaping the marketplace, and we move our clients from issue to impact while generating new opportunities for value and growth. We focus on innovation and transformation in distributed care, health platforms, data as a capability, and category fluidity. We deliver improved decisions using data, technology, and experience to drive outcomes over outputs.

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A world-famous ad agency with a dedicated health & wellness offering. We combine creative and strategic firepower with healthcare expertise.

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Digitas Health

The People-Powered Health agency. We help brands design transformative experiences that move people along the path to ideal health.

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A health communications agency that believes in the power of different perspectives. We help people, brands and businesses think further.

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Publicis Sapient

The health digital transformation partner. We have global experience in innovation and expertise in bringing digital products and services to market with a consumer-first experience.

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Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

A health and wellbeing agency that moves consumers and healthcare professionals to seek greater wellbeing and build strong brands.

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We believe in the power of difference to make a difference. Which is why we will always strive to make work that zags when the world zigs. Advertising is just one part of the total brand experience. Our zags help clients creatively out-manoeuvre their competitors, making their marketing work harder. It’s why we are IPA Effectiveness Agency of the Year – four years in a row.

Our health specialism brings the BBH strategic and creative firepower to the world of pharmaceutical, consumer health and wellness. Our capabilities include Global and US Launches (incl pre-launch), patient, HCP and consumer comms, creative, branding, messaging, medical writing, CRM, CX, BX, omnichannel planning and tactical development (all channels).  

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Digitas Health

We are the agency of Now; The first global connected-health agency, purpose-built for marketing today. By putting the power to change health outcomes in the hands of patients, healthcare professionals, carers, and payers, we help health brands create value across today’s connected health ecosystem. To do this, we start with a generous, behaviour-driven ideal then work in lean, agile and iterative ways to turn the ideal into action.


We believe in the power of different perspectives. That’s why we bring together four key health disciplines – Clinical Trial Experience, Medical Strategy & Education, PR & Policy and Advertising – and centre them around the crafts of science, strategy, creativity and production. It’s how we help people, brands and businesses think further. And it’s the reason we’re regular winners at Cannes, Communiqué and beyond.

Publicis Sapient

The health digital transformation partner. We have global experience in innovation and expertise in bringing digital products and services to market with a consumer-first experience.

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Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

We are a health and wellbeing agency that moves consumers and healthcare professionals to seek greater wellbeing and build strong brands.

Our purpose is to unleash the Wellness Effect in every person, by creating meaningful and personalised experiences, achieving positive outcomes by fully engaging audiences in their wellbeing.

Do Well.

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