Dominos: Personalised Programmatic Campaign

The Challenge

Due to prior negative experiences and lack of trust in the channel, Domino’s had steered clear of display for several years.

“For many years, we have stayed clear from traditional programmatic display. I think a lot of the issues with traditional digital display are common knowledge – how display was delivered, executed, and reported. You could argue it lent itself to fraud in certain areas, reach but not necessarily conversion, and certainly the targeting around that was misrepresented. Because of this, the return on investment just wasn’t there.”

The Solution

We activated end-to-end persistent identity through EPC Digital Media Solutions enabling ongoing 1:1 personalisation of programmatic media, optimised to incremental return on ad spend on and offline.

“Epsilon were able to create a business impact beyond its own incremental return on investment.

We’ve got confidence in Epsilon as a technology and a business.  Our first stage is to scale up the investment we’ve got within our current parameters.

QSR and retail have got a wealth of data on their consumers and can act upon it effectively and easily with Epsilon. We now have the  confidence to invest, test and validate.”

Karl Boyce: Head of Digital & CRM – Dominos


From an investment of £113k, we saw an10:1+ incremental return on ad spend, reaching 3.1m individuals and generating 1.3m+ in incremental revenue on and offline.





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