OREO: Supercharging Sales With A Playful Connected Experience

The Challenge

Young millennials and millennial parents are a key focus audience for Mondelez. Following a successful partnership with Lady Gaga and an equity campaign featuring a train station busker, we wanted to create a music themed activation that would resonate particularly with millennials to build affinity and ultimately, drive sales.

The Solution

Letting go to music is the ultimate expression of universal playfulness. And there is no greater expression of playful music sharing than the crafting of a mixtape. We played on the nostalgia surrounding mixtapes for our millennial target audience, to bring playful, tasty yet analogue fun to music sharing in the digital world.

We created an online/offline connected packaging experience that celebrates the nostalgia and joy in sharing music. A connected packaging experience, Press Play to Win, an integrated digital and AI activation, turning OREO cookie packs into devices for crafting the perfect mixtape. With every OREO pack bought in-store, consumers use AI technology to scan the OREO logo and gain access to a digital experience that includes sharing online ‘mixtapes’ with friends, as well as creating physical mixtapes with printed Spotify codes, filled with lovely cookies and packaged in a cassette-player pack. The activation plays on the nostalgia surrounding mixtapes for millennials, and bring some playful, tasty yet analogue fun to music sharing in the digital world.


We saw 5% total growth YOY with +16% in sales in our biggest retailer and 200,000 product scans in just 3 months. 

We are so happy to bring the ‘Press Play to Win’ activation to life across the UK and the Nordics. Pressing play on a mixtape has been part of culture for as long as we can all remember, and bringing that bang up to date in a playful way that is relevant for consumers – and, of course, OREO – is just great.

Rafael Espesani, Senior Brand Manager





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