Rail Delivery Group: Putting an End to Lockdown Isolation

The Challenge

Following 18 months of Covid lockdowns and fear, the UK prepared to get back to normal. But while the nation yearned for freedom, our studies showed that fear of train travel was dangerously high. National Rail needed us to get leisure travel back to at least 85% of pre-Covid levels, and deliver our best-ever campaign ROI.

The Solution

We all suffered during lockdown, but the reality is some of us endured far more than others. Our research showed that these kinds of stories motivated people to travel again – giving them the nudge to board a train and see a loved-one in need.

Social media would be key for this campaign, as we needed the authenticity of real people with real stories to tell. What better place to tell these stories than the world’s most popular social platform, TikTok?

Working closely with their insights and creative teams, we designed an influencer campaign with a difference – we looked for creators who had a Covid story to tell.

We optimised the videos to make best use of the platform’s unique features, from creative jump cuts to distinct audio tags. Each video invited people to share their own stories through our hashtag challenge, sparking a tidal wave of participation and national debate.


Business Results:

  • Leisure train travel reached record highs
  • ROI was higher than any previous campaign, proving that social media can drive commercial growth

Brand Results:

  • 785,000 videos were organically created making it one of the most viral brand campaigns ever
  • This helped us deliver 1.7 billion impressions
  • Campaign recall was 49% higher than category benchmarks


Rail Delivery Group



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