Whirlpool – How Maytag embraced data to raise customer engagement and sales


Maytag, a renowned home and commercial appliance brand, was gearing up for a major product launch—the Pet Pro System, aimed at addressing the persistent issue of pet hair in households. With this launch on the horizon, Maytag faced several challenges. Firstly, they needed to increase product awareness among their target audience. Secondly, they aimed to generate anticipation within the market for the new product. Finally, they sought to translate this awareness and anticipation into tangible product sales. 


To tackle these challenges, Maytag partnered with us to implement an insight-driven business model. Together, we embarked on a journey to understand customer needs and priorities thoroughly. We crafted a comprehensive data strategy aimed at generating personalized customer experiences. Through workshops with Maytag’s leadership team, we formulated a plan of action. This plan included guidance on data capture, benchmarking, and SEO best practices. We developed a holistic roadmap to guide business decisions, supported by new data strategies spanning data, logic, experiences, and measurement. 

One of the key components of our solution was the implementation of a semi-real-time dashboard powered by Adobe Analytics Workspace. This dashboard provided detailed insights into engagement and conversions across the entire Maytag Pet Pro System activation. With this new strategy and platform in place, the Maytag team gained the ability to monitor the full funnel and customer journey performance of the Pet Pro System launch in real-time. 


The implementation of our solution yielded significant results for Maytag. The company successfully monitored the performance of the Pet Pro System launch, from cross-channel media activations to end conversions. Real-time insights provided visibility across the entire business, empowering Maytag to make informed decisions promptly. 

The results were not limited to improved monitoring capabilities. The greater product awareness generated through our efforts attracted new customers, leading to an increase in digital sales revenue. Metrics such as site visits, email sign-ups, and units sold experienced notable growth. Moreover, Maytag now has a better understanding of the needs of potential Pet Pro System customers, facilitating smoother and more effective engagement experiences. Ultimately, the launch of the Pet Pro System not only addressed the challenge of pet hair in households but also drove business growth for Maytag. 




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