Vocation Brewery: An eye for detail

From humble beginnings in a chicken shed on Cragg Vale, it took just nine short years for Vocation Brewery to become one of the UK’s largest craft beer brand. Their secret? A relentless — and at times obsessive — commitment to brewing, of course. It’s their Vocation after all.

But in a crowded market, even greater success demanded more than just brewing excellence; Vocation Brewery needed a brand as bold and expressive as their beers.

Referred to as a ‘return to roots’ by the team, our journey to strengthen the brand saw us strip back and reaffirm Vocation’s foundational principles: their commitment to brewing, and their belief that craft beer is for the many (not the few).

Elevated to the heart of Vocation Brewery’s new visual identity is ‘the eye’, a secondary mark from the brand’s recent past, which speaks to the brand’s unwavering focus and visionary outlook.

A new technical monoline illustration style, applied across packaging and brand touchpoints, reflects Vocation Brewery’s story of precision and passion.

Bold colours bring contemporary appeal to Vocation Brewery’s craft and create a clear system for communicating — and navigating — flavour.


Vocation Brewrey



Turner Duckworth
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Turner Duckworth

Our principle is simple: Love the unmistakable. We craft brand assets that mean even a glimpse of marketing or packaging cannot be anything but the brand. Cutting through the noise and placing the brand top-of-mind, our work is simple, emotional and highly distinctive. The majority of our clients are global so our influence extends beyond our immediate studio territories to three studios, in three creative cities, seamlessly connected, working together as one company.

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