Newman’s Own: Donate with Dressing

Founded in 1982 on Paul Newman’s love for delicious homemade salad dressings and the off chance that others may love them too, Newman made the selfless decision to give all Newman’s Own profits away to help children and other good causes. Four decades later, Newman’s Own offers so much more than dressings, having donated over half a billion dollars it was time for a refresh setting up Newman’s Own for another 40 years of giving it all away.

As the brand approached 40 years of ‘giving it all away,’ we were asked by the good people at Newman’s Own to help refresh the brand’s visual identity. The goal was to leverage the refresh to appeal to a younger audience, continuing the brand’s growth while introducing a new generation to Newman’s philanthropic endeavors through high quality, delicious foods.

With reverence to Paul Newman, we reemphasized the brand’s greater purpose. We brought a new, optimistic design approach, allowing consumers to better connect with the radically good impact they have when purchasing Newman’s Own products.

Using inviting and punchy language – A rallying cry, leveraging a consistent and prominent brand line that summarizes the brand’s unique business model and mission — ‘100% profits to help kids.’

Our redrawing of Paul is depicted in his chefs whites, a playful nod to a lifetime of role playing and love of cooking. Modernizing Newman’s likeness and reducing his prominence on pack, we redefined Paul’s role – from a Hollywood character to the respected founder, re-emphasizing the brand’s commitment and purpose, prioritizing the company’s mission and great-tasting food.

We created a more optimistic and disruptive brand presence on overly saturated supermarket shelves. A true celebration of goodness through the use of a vibrant and uplifting color palette, underpinned by joyfully hand-painted food illustrations, showcases the authentic, high quality ingredients that go into making Newman’s Own food products.


Our beautifully crafted food illustrations are not just for driving taste appeal. Utilizing the brands new design aesthetic, stylish and collectable patterns adorn everything from desirable kitchenware to rewarding gift cards. Respectfully taking Newman’s Own out of the darkness of the cupboard, taking pride of place within the home – a subtle and imaginative reminder of the company’s continuous and valuable mission.


Newman's Own



Turner Duckworth
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