How Publicis Media helped Sanofi Mexico optimise their ad spend on Amazon to increase sales


Sanofi Mexico wanted to rebalance their ad spend with Amazon. The first phase of the analysis needed to answer two key business questions:

  1. Where are funds currently being allocated?
  2. How effectively are those funds working?


Publicis identified that the media investments were skewed towards upper funnel solutions, namely display (DSP). We needed a way to determine the efficiency of that split, and to recommend a new approach that would help to generate more sales at a better use of investment.

Publicis and Amazon Ads collaborated to develop a unique technology platform that utilises the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) data along with Publicis Tech Infrastructure. This mechanism aimed to unify first- and third-party Amazon Ads insights, enabling measurement of upper- and mid-funnel initiatives and understanding the true media return on ad spend (ROAS). Using insights gathered we recommended to reapportion the investment, adjusting the media mix and implementing frequency capping.


With the suggestion to reallocate budget and shift priorities, Sanofi Mexico had a sales increase of 35% with less budget used than in previous campaigns. The brand also saw their ROAS grow to 5%, which is 250% higher than the category benchmark.

Sanofi Mexico is always looking for new ways to reach patients and consumers. This is the first time we made use of the Amazon Marketing Cloud and its capacity to look at the performance of our campaigns on the user level and with a custom attribution approach. The global Sanofi Executive Committee team and Publicis Media supported us in identifying the perfect budget mix between search and DSP for each of our brands, as well as the ideal re-targeting frequency. We are now also able to tell whether our media mix allows us to recruit new shoppers to our brands.
Mariana Trejo Roa
Head of E-commerce., Sanofi Mexico




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