How Patron is using data to redefine its brand


Decades after pioneering the premium tequila category, Patrón faced the challenge of revitalising its brand image and expanding its appeal to a broader audience. Despite its longstanding popularity, the company recognised the need to innovate and adapt to changing consumer preferences to maintain its competitive edge in the market. 


To address this challenge, Patrón introduced the Patrón Cocktail Lab, an innovative platform that revolutionized the way consumers interacted with the brand. By leveraging data-driven insights and integrating with voice assistants, the Cocktail Lab became the world’s first premium beverage experience of its kind. 

The key to the success of the Cocktail Lab lay in its integration of Patrón into consumers’ cocktail lifestyles. By sourcing recipes from bartenders worldwide and incorporating their expertise into the platform, Patrón not only personalised the experience but also humanised the brand, emphasising craftsmanship and authenticity. 

Accessible across devices, the Cocktail Lab offered curated cocktail recommendations tailored to individual preferences, behaviours, local trends, and occasions. This personalised approach ensured that Patrón remained top-of-mind for consumers, positioning the brand as both customised and accessible in every sip.


The implementation of the Patrón Cocktail Lab yielded significant results for the brand, transforming its relationship with consumers, and driving remarkable business growth: 

  • 5x increase in sales 
  • 800% surge in cocktail recipes 
  • 38% boost in site traffic 
  • 2 million page views 
  • 109% rise in traffic to cocktail pages 





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