British Heart Foundation: This is Science

The Challenge

Over the past 60 years, the British Heart Foundation has helped develop some of the most impressive breakthroughs in the field of medicine. From pioneering the pacemaker to using stem cells to help the heart repair itself, the BHF have helped cut the annual deaths from heart disease by half, cure inherited heart disease that killed children, and helped save countless other lives. In fact, some of the breakthroughs the BHF are working on today seem more like science fiction than science.

The Solution

As such, our new brand idea, This is Science, is designed to celebrate the awe-inspiring innovations and groundbreaking science that started out as merely research papers and hypotheses but through BHF funding were made real. We also want to inspire the public with what’s on the horizon and what’s possible with their donations and support, adding a newfound sense of excitement, relevance and urgency to the BHF. Much of the research and developments funded by the BHF may sound like the work of science fiction today, but could very well become a reality tomorrow.

The campaign started with the launch of our brand ad. A moving exploration of three people and the incredible breakthroughs that started as merely research hypotheses, experiments, and long shots, but went on to save their lives. Out of home ads around the UK celebrated individual innovations and those who benefited. Following the launch spot, we also went deeper into the human stories of survivors, those who are living proof of the power of BHF funded science. A new look and feel has also helped modernise the brand to a sleeker, more futuristic feel that’s more fitting of BHF’s game-changing science and new brand idea.


British Heart Foundation



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