Boosting sales & delivering efficiencies through integrating Amazon media channels


Nestlé Purina faced the challenge of increasing sales for their dog and cat products despite a significantly reduced marketing budget. With ambitious sales goals for 2023, they had to find a way to achieve success despite a 30% cut in their marketing budget from the previous year.


To address this challenge, we first established an integrated foundation through consolidating the Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP activity (both investment and client stakeholders). This holistic management of marketing efforts would generate more actionable insights, driving more efficient use of the reduced budget. Insights from Amazon Marketing Cloud were incorporated, supercharging the optimisation strategies around dayparting, audience segments & revenue goals.


After launching the cohesive campaign, Zenith began to see results for Nestlé Purina. Through synergy between sponsored ads and Amazon DSP, the brand experienced a 138% increase in sales year over year (YoY) within the first month, despite a 30% reduction in investment. It also drove a 661% increase in ROAS and a 390% improvement in conversion rates. The success story highlights the importance of integration and was recognised by the industry when securing an Amazon Ads Performance Award finalist spot for 2023.


Nestle Purina



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