Now Available: CJ’s 2024 Performance Marketing Toolkit

  • February 15, 2024

When it comes to driving the best results, European Performance Marketing leaders face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. European marketing realities like GDPR, multiple languages, cost of living inflation, and diverse publisher ecosystems make staying ahead of emerging trends so critical.  

  • No world region has seen more change in partnership and affiliate in the past several years than Europe.  
  • No set of marketers is tasked with driving so much revenue and profit while navigating unique regional complexities and market conditions. 

Fortunately, European Performance Marketing marketers are “lean-forward,” constantly looking for new ways to accelerate performance and increase channel contribution. Much of the most exciting innovation in the global Performance Marketing industry has come when European strategists anticipate market changes and devise powerful go-to-market initiatives that turn these developments into competitive advantage. 

As a top player in partnership-based Performance Marketing worldwide and in Europe, CJ has unique visibility into national, regional, and global industry changes. For 2024, we want to help you pinpoint the most important industry trends and find the best ways to respond. To provide European marketers with macro-market guidance, we assembled a team of CJ European experts to predict the trends driving significant change in 2024.  

That’s why we’ve just published our 2024 European Performance Marketing Toolkit. 

This fast-reading, action-oriented resource examines the European performance marketing ecosystem to identify the big shifts that will reshape performance marketing across the region. The guide examines five key industry developments,  explaining each “megatrend,” why it is important, and concrete action steps for harnessing these forces to achieve your business objectives.  

CJ has been a trusted leader in our industry for 25+ years. As the world’s largest affiliate solutions provider with a leadership presence on five continents, we occupy a unique vantage point – of global reach and local expertise. Download a copy of the report now and see how you can make 2024 a truly extraordinary year for your business.  

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