Kellogg and Leo Burnett reinvent Crunchy Nut’s infamous strapline as irresistibly catchy jingle in naughty new campaign

  • February 13, 2023

Leo Burnett’s latest work for Kellogg tells the story of a Crunchy Nut obsessive who will swap anything for a bowl of Crunchy Nut, while turning their iconic line into a jingle for the first time ever.

New campaign, ‘Obsessed’, shows nothing is better than Crunchy Nut: through tongue-in-cheek bedroom antics, Leo Burnett’s latest film for Kellogg is the first of a series of commercials, spotlighting the troublesome consequences of a Crunchy Nut obsession for an amorous couple.

For the first time in the decades since the line was introduced, the iconic strapline has been turned into an irresistibly catchy jingle – an audio meme – bringing to life the troubling consequences of an obsession with Crunchy Nut.

The 20-second film, created by Leo Burnett and directed by Merman’s Juliet May, opens with a scene of a couple in bed, kissing. The man gently whispers “Could life get any better?”. The woman reaches for the lamp on her bedside table, which doubles as a lever, flipping the mattress and swapping the love of her life for a bowl of Crunchy Nut. Delighted, she smiles and reaches over to the irresistible cereal as the new maddeningly earworm plays: “The trouble is they taste too good”.

‘Obsessed’ is the first in a series of films, all due to launch over the coming weeks on VOD, TikTok and Instagram. Each film follows the trials and tribulations of Crunchy Nut fanatic’s life and her all-encompassing desire for her favourite cereal.

In the normally wholesome world of cereal adverting, this series of tongue-in-cheek films pushes the famously cheeky tone of Crunchy Nut to new levels, dialling up the cereal’s taste credentials for its target adult audience.

The film will support the launch of Crunchy Nut’s new Salted Caramel flavour.

The trouble is… when Crunchy Nut is always on your mind, nothing and no one matters more. This is what we wanted to land with this campaign. Pushing the boundaries and showing just how irresistible Crunchy Nut is, through the lens of obsession. We leaned into the naughty side of the brand, creating a comedic series of films, engaging our adult target audience through comedy.
Sarah O’Brien
Crunchy Nut Marketing Manager
Our aim for this work was to crash Crunchy Nut’s iconic line into pop culture… what better way to do this than using humour and a ridiculously catchy, meme-able jingle? Crunchy Nut has always been known as an entertaining advertiser: this campaign aims to keep that torch burning.
Mark Elwood
Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett UK

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