10 tips for producing a succesful brand stuntblog

  • May 28, 2024

Looking to make a splash with your next PR stunt? You’re in the right place.

St Marks Studios is the production partner behind some of the most famous PR stunts, special builds and experiential activations in the UK.

As the leading PR stunt production agency we can help you make a splash.

Let’s dive in for a look at how you can make your PR stunt hit.

1. Keep it True to Your Brand

First things first. If it’s true to what you stand for, it’s going to strike the right chord with your audience. Stunts need to align seamlessly with your brand’s core values and message. This alignment is crucial for authenticity.

2. Know Your Crowd

It’s all about knowing who you’re winking at. Tailor your stunt to what tickles your audience’s fancy, and you’ll grab their attention. Pique their interests or answer their needs to maximise engagement.

3. Be Bold and Creative

The more creative and unique your stunt, the more people will talk about it and generate the buzz you need – catching the attention of both the public and the media.

4. Timing and Relevance is Everything

Align your stunt with trends and cultural moments, and you’ll catch a wave – maximising relevance and impact.

5. Get Social

A smart social media game can really turn the volume up on your stunt’s reach. A well-planned social media campaign or a live stream can significantly increase the reach and impact of your PR stunt.

6. Wow Them with Awesome Visuals

A picture speaks a thousand words. A visually striking component can make your stunt more shareable and memorable. High-quality visuals are also crucial for landing online media coverage.

7. Plan, Plan, Plan

No room for winging it here. Get your ducks in a row with top-notch planning, especially when it comes to safety and logistics. Meticulous planning is non-negotiable. A well-executed stunt should be safe for everyone involved.

8. Have a Clear Call to Action

Make sure your audience knows what to do next. A clear call to action is key to keeping the momentum going. Whether it’s visiting a website, using a hashtag, or participating in a challenge, this will help in measuring the success of the campaign.

9. Content Is King

A full suite of multi-media assets is key – video, pictures and even audio content will drive uptake

10. Learn, learn, learn

Finally, when it’s all done and delivered take a step back and ask What worked? What didn’t? What would you do differently next time? Every stunt is a learning curve for the next big bang.

Got a PR stunt brief for us? Drop us a line to info@stmarksstudios.com

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