BT: A Repositioning Story

The Challenge

BT was a technology brand with a reputation issue.

Percieved as old fashioned, part of the past and critically, infamous for poor customer service.

The Solution

In 2019, Saatchi & Saatchi worked with BT to redefine the brand and reposition it as part of the fabric of the nation, part of our future not our past. This gave birth to a new purpose with its Beyond Limits platform and platform in Beyond Limits, removing the barriers of today to release the potential of tomorrow.

Today, a cross agency team of Saatchi & Saatchi’s, Publicis·Poke, MSL and Digitas share platforms and tech to stay connected and to shape the BT strategy. Using real time data dashboard and tech driven frameworks to investigate where the issues and opportunities are, where to apply investment and how to connect them to ensure everything works harder than the sum of its parts. An example of this was during the first lockdown, identifying a moment to turbo-charge how people see BT. An opportunity to demonstrate how they could use technology to overcome barriers. This led to ‘BT Top Tips on Tech’, a platform that has impacted millions lives and the perception of the BT brand.

When the UK went into lockdown people moved online. But 11m Britons lacked the basic skills that would enable them to participate in digital life. To work, to learn, to shop, for entertainment and connection. These essential skills were the key to quality of life and there was an urgent need to help people master these. Providing a brand the perfect opportunity and purpose to remove barriers. This campaign went beyond TV ads and used TV as an educational platform, creating the oxygen for digital, social and PR impact.


Within 25 days BT were live with nightly tech tutorials, creating an ITV partnership that gave access to ad break takeovers in the ITV evening news. ITV was a vital partner in trying to engage people who by definition not tech savvy. The news was important since that was the place people were turning to for information on the crisis.

Every tutorial was informed by search data and delivered by some of the nation’s best loved celebrities, all sharing advice on how to do everything from using WhatsApp and Facetime to protecting and educating families online.

Across a month, BT Tech Tips was seen over 586 million times with 64% of UK adults watching at least one episode.

83% of those who recognised seeing at least one tutorial found the topic personally relevant or relevant to someone they knew.

43% of recognisers said that BT was actively taking steps to help the UK today, a critical metric in BT returning to being part of the fabric of our nation.

5.76 million people across the UK did or learnt something as a result of the campaign, about 10% of the adult population.





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